How to Pack Wine Glasses During Relocation

Packing wine glasses has always been a task to do with keen attention and is care Chicago Moovers have crafted a detailed guide about how to pack wine glasses during relocation locally or across country so that they do not break during the move, and we will pay special attention to the packaging of glasses, since they have a thin stem and this is the place where they are most often damaged.

First of all, sort all the wine glasses, get rid of those that you do not initially need, that is, everything that has chips and cracks. Prepare all packaging materials in advance: tape, bubble wrap, paper, etc. by following these guidelines:

Strengthen the Cardboard Boxes Using Tapes

Use packing tape to reinforce the bottom of each cardboard box you plan to use to transport wine glasses. Do this even if you are using new boxes. This does not mean that without such a precaution the box will definitely break, but it is better not to risk it and spend a couple of minutes strengthening the cardboard.


Roll up several sheets of newspaper and place them at the bottom of each box to create a buffer that will absorb shock and vibration during transport. Several layers of bubble wrap also work well to form a soft protective layer on the bottom of the box, but this is a more expensive method because the wrap costs money and newspapers are practically free.

Prepare to Pack

Take a stack of soft wrapping paper and place it on a flat surface, preferably your kitchen counter. Make sure that the paper used for wrapping wine glasses is completely clean.

Wrap Each Piece of Wine Glass

Take each glass and place it in the very center of the stack of wrapping paper. Take paper sheets from one corner and wrap them by the carefully, then do the same with the other glasses. Finally, pull the opposite two corners of the paper over the glass to completely enclose it.

Secure the Wrapper

To prevent the paper from unfolding during transportation, it is worth securing it with tape.

Use Additional Layers of Bubble Wrap

When packing thin glass, crystal, or thin stemware, use bubble wrap for added protection. The glasses should be wrapped with bubbles inward, paying special attention to the tightness of the film to the stem. Use tape to hold the wrap in place and finally wrap the entire wine glasses with one additional layer of bubble wrap on top of the paper wrapping.

Use Extra Layer of Insulation and Protection

All your packing efforts may be in vain if you do not follow these guidelines. First of all, make sure the bottom of the box is well reinforced, make sure you stack all the wrapped items tightly and close together, with minimal space between them. Lastly, if you’ll be stacking glasses in multiple rows, place several layers of bubble wrap between them for added insulation and protection.

Seal the Wine Glasses

Once you have all the glasses in the box, use pieces of paper, newspaper or sheets of bubble wrap to fill the empty spaces inside the box. The main purpose of this stage is to immobilize the contents of the carton so that nothing moves inside during transport.

Check it out

When you’ve finished packing, check how well you did. To do this, slightly lift the box and gently shake it to see how well the glass is fixed. If you feel even the slightest movement inside the box, use more paper or bubble wrap to correct it.

Seal the Box

When the test is passed, close the box without pressing down on the glasses inside. Use tape to seal it.

Label the Boxes

Don’t forget to label the box of glasses. Firstly, it is necessary that the movers must handle it carefully, and secondly, so that at the new place of residence they immediately take this box to the kitchen or safe place. And be sure to mark where the bottom is and where the top is, since this is very important in the case of fragile items like wine glasses.

Please note that packing tableware, and especially wine glasses, can take a lot of time – time that you may not have. Remember that you can always turn to the professional packers of the Chicago Moovers company for help. They will quickly and carefully pack all your dishes and prepare them for the final move.

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