How Much Does Chicago Movers Cost?

Moving locally or across country is always a challenging task with unseen stress and uncertainty. By choosing right and professional moving company, stress- factor can be reduced. Moreover, making a plan to hire a well reputable movers and not sure how much does it cost for your relocation is also a matter of concern? Basically, moving cost depends upon several multiple factors and overall charges of moving will depend upon your particular customized requirements. The moving charges for single- bed room apartment will be different within the state or across country. Sometimes movers cost additional charges for packing of heavy furniture and fragile items.

Most of the moving companies has online calculators on their website to figure out the moving cost for local, intrastate, residential and commercial move. Customized moving packages with special discounts are also offered at special events in summer, winter and spring and details are provided on official website of the company. We will further break down the moving cost into local, intrastate and commercial for more convenience of the client!!

Local Moving Cost

Local move within the same city costs from $25 to $100 per hour, depends on how many movers and vehicles you required for your shifting. Generally, expected payment for a team of two person for five-hour move can be around $1000 but the ultimate final charges will depend on several other factors like

  • Distance you move
  • How much belongings you have?
  • Additional services such as packing- unpacking

For locally moving a single-bedroom apartment at ground floor normally requires 2 movers or workers. It takes 3-4 hours to complete the shifting process with an estimated cost of $500 to $1500. A double 2-3 bedrooms home take 8-10 hours, require 4-5 workers and cost about $800 to $3000 for the relocation. The moving cost for high rise building will be changed accordingly.

Long Distance Moving Cost

The over all cost of moving is increased for long distance move due to the following reasons:

  • Large distance,
  • Weight of your belongings
  • Professional mover’s services

Moving company calculates the cost on the basis of mileage, type of belongings, and number of movers being used in move and the weight of your belongings with average rates ranging from $120 to $140 per hour.

In case of extra moving services like packing- unpacking and storage facility will be added to your expense. The estimated cost for a long-distance move can range from $1200 to $15000 depending on the distance you’re moving and the size of your possessions.

Cost for Commercial Move

Moving from one business location to another can be a stress, particularly if you do not want to keep your business activities at a standstill. Commercial moving cost also varies as per different charging methods, size of the office, hours spend on the move, number of movers participated, and distance as well.

An average cost of a commercial move as per the size of your office are below:

  • Small Office (1-2 Employees):  $2200 to $5000
  • Medium Office (3-5 Employees): $4500 – $9500
  • Large Office (10+ Employees): $9500 – $40000

How to reduce the cost of an office move

Managing commercial moving costs is very important concern for any organization. That is why Chicago Moovers provide you best relocation quotations with highly professional moving expert.  We take care of your office belongings either locally or long distance from start to the end.

Major Factors to Reduce Moving Cost

Packing by Yourself

This is one of the best available options to pack all of your belongings yourself. All professional movers provide some packing assistance but you have to pay them. Packing rates may vary from company to company but cost enough amount. Take help from your family and friends and save money by exercising this opportunity.

Decluttering of Your Office stuff:

Make a detail list of unnecessary household items and get rid of them to save your money. Donate extra furniture and clothes to relevant NGO’s or sell them on an online marketplace. You can also give your additional belongings to your family friends as well.

Free of Cost Moving Boxes and Supplies

Save money by finding reused packaging boxes and supplies from grocery stores, pharmacy or nearby large chain store. You can also rent plastic moving boxes to save the cost.

Get Best Quotation

Before hiring a moving company, make all possible efforts to get best quotation or price. Standard recommendation is to obtain at least three quotations from moving companies. For more satisfaction, make sure that the mover is well familiar with the sensitivity of fragile items that require extra care. To hire a reliable and reputable mover at best price, you can choose Chicago Moovers a licensed and insured moving company.

Finally, either you are moving within the state or across the country there are multiple customized factors associated with your moving cost. Decent planning and professional moving company can help you to reduce your moving cost significantly.

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